Re: Proposed: gnome-volume-manager

Jeff Waugh wrote / skrev:


  GNOME Volume Manager is a simple state machine that acts as a policy
  engine on top of HAL. It includes a control panel applet. Said policy
  includes auto-mounting of any hot-plugged removable device, auto- mounting
  of media such as CD's and DVD's, auto play of {Blank,Data, Audio,Video}
  CD's, and auto importing of photos from camera.

  (This is a fairly technical description... It's a configurator and
  controller for handling hot-plugged drives and storage media, which allows
  this kind of hardware to "Just Work" on the GNOME desktop. It's a very
  modern replacement for magicdev.)

Very good, and not a moment too early (Years late according to some users ;)

It will require us to shape up some on the distribution side, hwoever thats minor issues and just forcing us to kick ourselves in the butt and make happy evolution.

Does the preferences simply bail out if kernel.minorversion < 6, or does it show options that won't work? I'm thinking of something like the floppy formatter without a floppy drive in the system.


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