Re: Proposal comments

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 11:48, David Nielsen wrote:
> Dear GNOME developers
> Having followed the module proposal debates, we felt the need to comment
> on a few issues which doesn't seem to have been brought up.
> Why does the desktop platform absolutely _need_ a mass id3 tagger, we
> are sure Cantus is a cool app, but GNOME don't even ship an official
> media player yet. The few users who actually see a use for such an
> application will surely just install it seperately. We feel that id3
> tagging would be much more suitable in something like Muine or
> Rhythmbox.

This issue with cantus has been brought up several times, and it looks
like the community consensus is beginning to be that it's not
appropriate for a desktop release.

I am speaking from my own personal opinion of what the threads appear to
be concluding here, and *not* with my release-team hat on.


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