Re: Proposed: evolution

<quote who="Andrew Sobala">

> It was brought up on d-d-l quite a while ago. It's something that would be
> very nice, but I can't imagine trying to block evolution going into GNOME
> for bugzilla issues. At least they use a bugzilla, and aren't stuck on
> that sourceforge monstrosity ;)

Plus, bug-buddy knows how to talk to Ximian's bugzilla. Sure, it is harder
for our QA team to deal with two bugzillas, but that'll be dealt with as
soon as everyone can do it. Besides, if Andrew of the Pants says it's cool,
then holy crap people -- it's cool.

- Jeff

OSCON 2004: Portland OR, USA 
    "Basically my philosophy on release management is that it should be
                like police brutality." - Maciej Stachowiak

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