Re: Proposed: gnome-volume-manager

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 20:09 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> (This is a thread-starter for the final module discussion before the release
> team reports back with a summary and proposal, which will aim to represent
> the consensus of the community. Please be kind to authors, and start totally
> new threads if there's a reason to shift off-topic.)
> Description:
>   GNOME Volume Manager is a simple state machine that acts as a policy
>   engine on top of HAL. It includes a control panel applet. Said policy
>   includes auto-mounting of any hot-plugged removable device, auto- mounting
>   of media such as CD's and DVD's, auto play of {Blank,Data, Audio,Video}
>   CD's, and auto importing of photos from camera.
>   (This is a fairly technical description... It's a configurator and
>   controller for handling hot-plugged drives and storage media, which allows
>   this kind of hardware to "Just Work" on the GNOME desktop. It's a very
>   modern replacement for magicdev.)
> Proposal:

(This is my analysis of the documentation, wearing my GDP FL hat.  This
is not my opinion of the program or its appropriateness for inclusion in
the Gnome desktop.)

I didn't forget about GNOME Volume Manager.  Currently, we have no
documentation for g-v-m.  However, it's largely a backend program,
providing a configuration dialog.

Ideally, users shouldn't even know there's a 'gnome-volume-manager'
package.  It's just part of the desktop.  Any documentation for this
should be integrated into the User Guide and Sysadmin Guide.


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