Re: Proposed: evolution-webcal

evolution-webcal is very useful program that efficiently solves a well defined problem: adding web calendars to evolution-data-server.

I think it is a very good addition to the desktop.

Rodney Dawes wrote:
Because you don't need evolution to use it. It subscribes you to web
calendars. It doesn't create or publish them. It allows you to install
evolution-data-server and subscribe to remote calendars, if the only
thing you want a calendar for, is to see the Sox schedule in your clock
applet, for example.

There are other issues, in that it isn't possible to disable or delete
these calendars, without evolution, but I think that is a problem that
the clock applet or other similar apps should take care of. The entire
point of this utility is to subscribe to web calendars, and not require
a running evolution (or even an installed evolution), to do it.

I don't think adding anything else to the clock applet is the way to go. Perhaps something like an evolution-data-server-ui module could be created. It might include:

 - what is now evolution-webcal
 - e-source manager
 - event / task editor
 - etc.

Sounds like JP has this sort of thing in the plan for Evolution 2.6 (ie. "configuration of e-d-s without the evolution client"). But that is a long way off.


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