Re: Proposed: evolution

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 19:58 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> (This is a thread-starter for the final module discussion before the release
> team reports back with a summary and proposal, which will aim to represent
> the consensus of the community. Please be kind to authors, and start totally
> new threads if there's a reason to shift off-topic.)
> Description:
>   Evolution is an integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring application
>   for GNOME. It brings in a number of dependencies: evolution-data-server,
>   gal, gtkhtml and libsoup.

One issue I'd like to bring up is the Evolution branding.

If Evolution were to be accepted into GNOME the upstream version would
be required to rename itself to more generic functional names and lose
any branding.  So, Evolution would no longer be called "Ximian
Evolution" but would change to be something like "Email".  Not just
the .desktop files, but also the window title would have to comply with
this "rebranding", I'm sure the docs would have to change as well.
Obviously the binary name and/or the source code file names don't have
to change, but the user visible aspects need to.  Distributions such as
Ximian desktop could then patch those pieces to brand however they like
(weird, i know). 

So I guess the question is, is Evolution willing to lose the brand name
and become the GNOME brand Email and Calendaring app?  As all other
GNOME applications are expected to do this same thing.

~ Bryan

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