Request for late gcalctool feature inclusion in GNOME 2.7

Hi all,

Even though the feature freeze for GNOME 2.7 has already happened,
this is a request for what could be considered a feature request
or it could be considered a major bug fix with UI changes,
depending upon how you look at it.

This is:

This is adding in the much needed Arithmetic Operator Precedence
support. This work has been done by Sami Pietila to whom I'm very grateful.

The old style will still be available via a menubar option as an alternative.

It also makes the following changes:

* The "(" and ")" buttons have moved from the scientific mode into the
  Basic mode so that they are now available to users who need them but not
  everything that the Scientific mode provides.

* There is a footer message area that provides feedback.

* The display area now has an horizontal scrollbar.

* Typing in the keyboard shortcuts for the various gcalctool buttons
  autocompletes their entry into the display area.

* Tooltips show button's shortcut.

Our plan is to generate a new version of gcalctool today from CVS HEAD 
(where all this work has already been integrated).

Do we have your permission for this to be included in the new GNOME 2.7
tarball dist?


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