[ANNOUNCE] DWI-0.6.0 Object/Gtk/SQL mapper


I've just put up a new version of DWI at dwi.sourceforge.net
This version now uses the automake build system for easier 
builds/installs, and adds some QOF examples.

DWI is a system for specifying relationships between objects and
SQL tables, and as such, is kind-of like an "ORM" Object-Relational
Mapping.  DWI differs from most ORM's in that 1) its not Java based,
2) It can hook directly to Gtk widgets, 3) It can be used with Glade
to build GUI apps, 4) It supports multiple object systems (Gtk, 
GObjects and QOF)

I've started building a generic QOF object backend using DWI;
this will also qualify as a kind of "ORM",  except that it is 
meant to be caching and fully multi-user (i.e. it will 
automatically synchronize object instances living within 
different applications on different machines.)

Future builds of QOF will require installing this version of DWI
to get the DWI backend to work.  


pub  1024D/01045933 2001-02-01 Linas Vepstas (Labas!) <linas linas org>
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