[PATCH] gnome-{panel,session} restart/reboot/suspend feature


Here is the second version of my panel and session patches to enable a
user to shutdown/reboot/suspend a computer out of a gnome session via
GDM communication.

The patches still use my splitted out version of Georges gdm comm
implementation in GDM (don't use them further).

Mark: The session patch has not (much) changed since its first version,
means: you still need to think about that RedHat code inside logout.c.
Right now using this patch on a system using the "console" feature can
cause funny results.

To test this it is not necessarly needed to use the session patch... if
you decide to not use it a logout cancel wont reset GDM actions means if
u manage to crash the session then GDM will fullfill your earlier action

Note that the additional actions (shudown, reboot, suspend) use the same
stock icons then logout at the moment, this needs to be reconsidered.
Further i didn't add gconfig entries for the new actions instead, if you
disable "log out", it will also disable the new actions.

Usage: apply the patches to a cvs HEAD source base and dont forget to to
run autogen.sh.



Attachment: gnome-panel-cvs-gdm-logout-actions.patch.bz2
Description: application/bzip

Attachment: gnome-session-cvs-gdm-logout-actions.patch.bz2
Description: application/bzip

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