Re: On translation regressions due to dependencies

Em Terça, 27 de Julho de 2004 01:14, Christian Rose escreveu:
> This problem most likely isn't unique for GNOME translators -- it does
> affect KDE aswell. Saying the translations of the common MIME
> translations will be done in GNOME CVS is likely to be controversial.

At least in Portugal, we are looking for a solution.
KDE/GNOME i18n doesn't necessarily need to be a fight between enemy camps.
We probably should create a freedesktop-i18n list for tp managed translations.
(google doesn't show any hit for it, apologies if was already created)
I'm not the one who's gone ask for it, since I asked twice for a gettext lint 
tools hosting from the freedesktop project maintaineer and never got an 
answer... probably shouldn't have used the @kde mail alias.
Pedro Morais - morais kde org -

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