Re: Request for late gcalctool feature inclusion in GNOME 2.7

Le mar 27/07/2004 à 16:13, Rich Burridge a écrit :
> > I guess that lots of people will be very grateful for this work. But is
> > there any reason why these feature and UI changes can not wait for GNOME
> > 2.9/2.10? What are the bad consequences of waiting?
> There are users who would like to see this functionality. The previous
> GNOME calculator had it. Windows calculator has it (in their advanced
> mode). It could wait for the next release, but I can't see why. As
> mentioned in my previous email, you could consider this a major bug fix
> with UI changes if you wanted to rather than a feature.

Since it fixes a regression from previous GNOME calculator, I'd vote for

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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