Re: Request for Comments: GNOME Notifier


	I think that this is a great project, I have been thinking in something
like that for a long time, I have some idea:

> So we have:
> Aplications -> DBUS -> Notifier Application (GNOME Notifier, KDE
> Notifier, XFCE Notifier, etc)

Applications -> DBUS -> Notification Center -> Notifier Application
(GNOME Notifier, KDE Notifier, XFCE Notifier, etc).

	I don't know if DBUS have a notification log/registry, this is the
notification center, a way to store the notifications to show all of
them when a user come back to his computer and other thinks. This center
must to be Desktop independent.

	The user can request to the notification center the new messages or
perhaps old messages. The notification center can filter messages, and
create an importance hierarchy by user request, etc....

> These are some types of notifications that I can think of.  I hope to
> receive more from you:
> - battery status
> - new email
> - new instant message
> - buddy has (dis)connected
> - network (dis)connected
> - wireless network discovered
> - incoming event (task, meeting.... related to evolution-data-server)
> - download finished
> - USB device connected

  - RSS subscriptions (You show a notification when a guay write
something in his blog :-P )

regards, apg

Álvaro Peña
apg esware com

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