Re: Request for late gcalctool feature inclusion in GNOME 2.7

<quote who="Murray Cumming">

> > It's worth saying that the changes have been on HEAD for a while AFAIK,
> > so it has had testing exposure... but certainly not the kind you'd get
> > as part of a mainstream release.
> So, given the replies, I choose to err on the side of caution and not give
> my approval for this feature-freeze break. It would be embarassing if our
> calculator had bugs in its basic functionality. But GNOME 2.9 will be with
> us soon enough.

Agree - I haven't seen anything that says why we *need* to break the freeze
for this. Breaking freezes because they're inconvenient is a slippery slope.

So, if it's not accepted for other reasons... HOORAY! FIRST 2.9 FEATURE! ;-)

- Jeff

OSCON 2004: Portland OR, USA 
     "Linux is not like Novell, it isn't going to run out of money - it
              started off bankrupt, in a way." - Steve Ballmer

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