Re: Request for Comments: GNOME Notifier

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 00:32:08 -0400, Franco Catrin L. <fcatrin tuxpan com> wrote:
> I want to receive some ideas and thoughts from you about a User
> Notification System for GNOME, or better than that, a Desktop User
> Notification System.

  Have you talked with these guys?

  They don't seem to get D-Bus really much, but I'm sure somebody can
hit them with a little sweet cluestick and have them convinced ;)
"""Why doesn't GNotify uses D-BUS?
[...] D-BUS would limit GNotify to Linux and other Systems which are
using D-BUS. [...]"""


Michele Campeotto -

You know there ain't no devil,
there's just god when he's drunk

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