[daniel freedesktop org: Timeline, and slippage]

See attached for new platform timeline; please include platform fd o on
all proposals/followups/flames/whatever.

Oh, and for note's sake, Chris Lee is the other release team member at
the moment.

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Subject: Timeline, and slippage
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Sorry again about the slippage. Work has been pretty crazy.

So, for the freedesktop.org Platform v1.0, the date of July 31st has
slipped to accommodate several factors: post-OLS discussion, the new
standardisation effort that has sprung up that looks like massively
paralleling the platform, and more.

The mechanism the platform will follow pretty closely parallels GNOME:
new modules (and every module is new for the first release) must be
proposed on the mailing list, and consensus reached on its inclusion or
otherwise. Modules which were included in the release immediately before
the one being discussed need not be proposed again.

I hereby announce the new dates for fd.o's 1.0 Platform release:
Aug 8th: Last date for module proposals
Aug 15th: All decisions to be made on modules - preferably by consensus,
          but with an executive decision from the release team if it
	  comes to that (hopefully based more on consensus than merit)
Tue 31st Aug: Release of freedesktop.org Platform 1.0
Mon 28th Feb: Release of freedesktop.org Platform 1.1

Use the time in between the 8th/15th and 31st to check it works in as
many settings as possible, and attempt to extract a newish version, so
we can just hand out a single tarball for that, not tarball+diffs

:) d, Release Team member

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