Re: [daniel freedesktop org: Timeline, and slippage]

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 12:19, Daniel Stone wrote:

> So, for the Platform v1.0, the date of July 31st has
> slipped to accommodate several factors: post-OLS discussion, the new
> standardisation effort that has sprung up that looks like massively
> paralleling the platform, and more.

To clarify, the "standarization process" referred to here is a proposal
to have "specifications releases" every 6 months to force
us to actually finish and publish the specifications that are
done  (XDG basedir specification, desktop file specification, 
startup notification, and so forth.)

While it was initially proposed that specifications would be part of the
platform release, I think this is a bad idea for a number of reasons:

 - A specification is about multiple applications inter-operating;
   so the criteria for compatibility and being "done" are very different
   than for a library.

 - The end-product is different - the platform release produces a set
   of tarballs, the specification release produces a list of

 - The platform release is going to be enough work without throwing
   in a bunch of unrelated tasks that don't *have* to be part of the
   platform release.

So I don't see any duplication, much less massive duplication between
the specification and platform releases. They will be coordinated
as appropriate, they don't need to be the same.


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