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El vie, 30-07-2004 a las 08:54, Olivier Goffart escribi�[...]

> The notification protocol need to be extendend to receive following flags:
> -A bitmask, or a string list, containing what action needs to be preformed 
> (play a sound, show a passivepopup, a message box, blink the taskbar entry, 
> raise the window, log to a file, execute a program, ....)

Those are implementation details in the server.  I think that the
specification is about what is in between the client and the server and
not how a server will make the actual notification.

For example, a GNOME notification system user interface will be ruled by
the Human Interfaces Guidelines, and KDE notification server will be
ruled by their own usr interfaces guidelines.

> -The Window Identifier of the originating window, used if we need to blink the 
> task bar entry or raised.

This make sense for me. But I would only use it to blink the taskbar
entry.  In this case there is no point in implementing this blink in the

> -The name of the file where the event may be logged.

Again, that is an implementation detail.  It can use the application
name to look up for a filename or entry name in a log file.

> -The program name which should be executed, after some prosessing (for 
> example, %s is replaced by the message in knotify, %a by the applicaiton 
> name, ....)

I don't understand this point

> -The applicaiton name.  It is used by knotify to know what config file to 
> parse,  and is shown in the title of mesagebox.

This should be included, if is not already in.


> And a question:  how the client know what deamon it has to uses?

the client just will use dbus to reach any whatever notifier daemon is
listening on that service

> I'm not sucribed to the desktop-devel-list, please keep me or kde-core-devel 
> in CC.  (or move the thread on  xdg freedesktop org ? )

I vote for moving to xdg

Franco Catrin L. TUXPAN

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