Re: The case for cross-desktop dockability and notification-area applet ideology revision.

I would argue that what you want is a dock implementation and not a
notification area overhaul, since it seems you are asking for things
such as docking apps to make the window list applet easier to traverse. 

If i follow you correctly, you like the functionality along the lines
of: an icon on a panel which hides a running instance of an application
that is currently visible, or shows an existing instance when clicked
(assuming it was not previously visible). A more dock-like panel could
potentially provide this ability (it would also prevent things like
accidentally opening a second Gaim instance which can disconnect the
first if it set to open automatically). Some apps that functionality
definitely makes sense for I think, but I am not sure the notification
area is where you want it to be ;) 

I personally think the notification area could use some work, as well,
but for other reasons.  Perhaps this can be discussed further on the
usability list where it might be more appropriate, and if some consensus
can be reached a more formal proposal to this list would be in order. 

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