Re: GLF- Gnome Lockdown Framework

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 21:46, arch enterprise hb se wrote:
> Dear list,
> I'd like to present a proposal for handling lockdown of application & desktop
> functionality:
> In short, GLF (the Gnome Lockdown Framework) consists of three "parts", namely:
> - A standardized way of registering keys in GConf
> - A small library / API (currently consisting of only two functions)
> - A graphical tool for handling default/group/user permissions
> The main ideas behind GLF:
> - The developer of an application is him/herself free to define what parts of the
> application that can be locked down - just ship the application with metadata
> (GLF-specific GConf keys) describing what checks that are done runtime
> - It should be easy to add GLF functionality to an existing (or new!) application
> NOTE: I started working on this idea last week, without having a working machine
> for development - and I still don't. Thus, I can't present any code yet - but on
> the other hand: if you look at the "architecture" page, you'll find an easy to
> implement algorithm for the most vital part of the API (glf_permissions_init()).
> If you read the quickstart, you'll also notice that the other part of the API
> ("glf_allows()") is mostly a wrapper for g_hash_table_lookup, so the API part of
> GLF is easily implemented.
> The things I'd like someone to help me with is writing the policy tool,
> "glftool" or "glfgui", as I don't feel I have nor the time nor the energy to
> start looking into that. Adding LDAP support is however something I'd like to
> take responibility for.
> Comments and ideas welcome.

Desktop lockdown has been discussed previously on this list (google for
the discussion), and some people have already added gconf keys for this
and started implementing it. 

Doing this as a project seemingly separate from Gnome sounds very
strange. This should clearly be discussed and implemented as part of the
Gnome Desktop, with input from the module maintainers.

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