Re: GLF- Gnome Lockdown Framework

> Desktop lockdown has been discussed previously on this list (google for
> the discussion), and some people have already added gconf keys for this
> and started implementing it. 

I'm well aware that lockdown features have been previously discussed and
declared as somehing that is *needed* (see eg,
but there seems to be no *framework* or *standards* settled. Concerning
implementations, are they done with a policy tool in mind that allows for
setting per-group, per-user or default policies/permissions? Are there any nifty
available for finding all permissions for a user, based on default and group
permissions? Is the whole architecture thought through and settled?

This is where GLF comes in - as a standardized way for developers to publish and
interact with gconf in such a way that a policy tool can assign permissions
per-application, -user, -group and default, making it readable for the

> Doing this as a project seemingly separate from Gnome sounds very
> strange. 

Separate from Gnome? In that it is currently hosted on sourceforge, and not Nothing stops it from being hosted on if and when it
has been accepted, right? I just wanted some place to publish the idea at, and
sourceforge happened to be the first place that came to mind.

- Mikael

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