Screenshots required!

Hey hey hey,

So GNOME 2.6 is almost out the door,
We need not wait too much more.
And if it does anything but rock,
We will leave Jeff with only an odd sock.

And as we continue our journey, we need user screenshots for the
website. Not just boring shots of the apps - we can do those in the
release notes easily enough :) We want the most exciting things that you
can make your GNOME desktop do!

So please send us [1] your photos of your GNOME doing new 2.6-ey things,
doing wacky things, doing fun things, showing off new apps, showing off
old apps, showing off i18n or a11y features, or anything else along
those lines...

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

[1] "Us" means me. Please send shots to aes gnome org as PNGs. Lines
will be open until close to the release - probably 24-48 hours before
hand since we'll need to send them off to our slashdot-proof huge-image
host :)

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