Re: Screenshots required!

yo yo yo!

here are screens of Arabic gnome 2.6, I passed 11 hours compiling gnome
to get'm ;)

my personal favourites are arriba and supaaa!
if you want other more exciting shots pls tell me!

Arafat Medini
arabic gnome coordinator

Am Die, den 02.03.2004 schrieb Andrew Sobala um 20:04:
> Hey hey hey,
> So GNOME 2.6 is almost out the door,
> We need not wait too much more.
> And if it does anything but rock,
> We will leave Jeff with only an odd sock.
> And as we continue our journey, we need user screenshots for the
> website. Not just boring shots of the apps - we can do those in the
> release notes easily enough :) We want the most exciting things that you
> can make your GNOME desktop do!
> So please send us [1] your photos of your GNOME doing new 2.6-ey things,
> doing wacky things, doing fun things, showing off new apps, showing off
> old apps, showing off i18n or a11y features, or anything else along
> those lines...
> Thanks,

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