Re: Metacity Proposal: Grouping Windows

Hello Ryan,

Your proposal wakes a long standing wish of mine, so I've got a few
questions for you, read on :)

1. What makes you think users are more likely to use window grouping than
   they are to use virtual desktops?

2. Would you agree with me that virtual desktops (let's adopt the term
   "workspace" for now) would become more useful when they would be
   integrated with the "work area" concept, borrowed from IBM's Workplace
   Shell? In a nutshell, a work area folder is, or "contains", a workspace
   with windows relating to some common task. When the folder is opened,
   all the windows pertaining to that task that were open the last time
   the work area was opened, are restored. Conversely, when the work area
   is closed, all windows within it are closed as well. Since long I've
   dreamed of having "dynamic" workspaces, that is, a workspace is added
   to the workspace switcher once a work area is opened, and removed again
   when it is closed.

2a.Do you think your window groups would support this "work area" concept

Reinout van Schouwen			Artificial Intelligence student
email: reinout cs vu nl			mobile phone: +31-6-44360778

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