Re: Metacity Proposal: Grouping Windows

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 13:23 +0100, Mikael Carneholm wrote:
> Citerar Ryan McDougall <ryan mcdougall telusplanet net>:
> > Proposal to Add Grouping to Metacity, and some Rationale
> > 
> > 0. Abstract
> > 
> > Solution presented for solving problems associated with window
> > management by allowing users to categorically organize windows by
> > defining custom window groups, and performing window transformations on
> > the objects that they represent in "desktop space".
> > 
> An interesting read, as this problem is somewhat related to something I have
> thought of as well. I'm not sure where this solution is best implemented though,
> ie if it should be a stand alone progam (preferably accessed from a starter in a
> panel), a modification of the workspace applet, or an addition to metacity.
> Abstract:
> A proposed solution that makes GNOME the best drag-n-drop environment available.

If I read your proposal correct, the way that what you describe could be
fitted into my proposal, is to define all the windows you want to
organize as one Group, then apply a transformation on that group that
tiles them as you describe. 

I think it fits perfectly well into what Im saying, and shows that one
of the strengths of my proposal is that real things people want to do
with their windows is just a special case of what I describe. Its a good
sign that a system is general enough to enable such ideas as yours.


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