Re: Which program should save window geometries?

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 10:11, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> What are the advantages?

Was all hashed out on wm-spec-list. Basically the WM has more knowledge
of the "big picture" and can apply consistent rules.

> > I'd like to see an API in GTK that abstracts it, then we can just use
> > that and if the WM stuff ever appears take advantage of it.
> I agree with what Lubos said in Jan. 2003 (WM_CLASS and WM_WINDOW_ROLE
> should be enough), but I think we'd need a common form for specifying
> the role. Roles lacking the form, or with a special indicator, could
> be interpreted as "don't save my geometry". The form would also have
> to provide some way of determining that a saved geometry can be tossed.

That's fine, but needs to go on wm-spec-list. I don't agree that
class/role is enough, but has been discussed on wm-spec-list already
without much consensus.

> However geometry saving is done, we still need to know for which
> windows it should be done (an HCI question)

HIG patch for this is what's required.

>  and how it should be done
> (an API question).

Add a GTK API is pretty clear, but you need the HIG bit first.


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