Re: Metacity Proposal: Grouping Windows

Hello Ryan,

> I think they are more likely to use grouping for a number of reasons:
> 1. Its at least as useful as Workspaces. With on average less mouse/key
> strokes one can group a whole set of windows and drag them to a new
> workspace.

So you're not proposing to replace workspaces by groupings, but rather to
complement them.

> the group as if it were a real window. In Stacked Grouping you can
> manipulate a whole series of similar windows, such as spatial nautilus
> windows, move, resize, minimize, etc. in one stroke.

This facility (or something very similar) is available in the window list
applet already. It auto-groups similar windows.

> 3. Its more spatially intuitive. The windows created by grouping are
> first class objects which can be handled as such. Workspaces are just
> passive bins which hold things.

OK, I can see that.

> would work better is to redefine workspaces as things *totally*
> different from Folders. Imagine them as boxes where you place Groups of

I understand the word Folder in this context is confusing, but since I was
talking about the WPS where the desktop itself is a folder, it was the
appropriate term. But I'll gladly go along with workspaces. :)

Reinout van Schouwen			Artificial Intelligence student
email: reinout cs vu nl			mobile phone: +31-6-44360778

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