Re: string freeze breakage in file-roller

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:

> On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 16:55, Christian Rose wrote:
>> fre 2004-03-05 klockan 20.35 skrev Paolo Bacchilega:
>> > in order to fix bug #135863 ("Zip" unfortunate terminology in 
>> > file-roller) I have to change some strings thus breaking the freeze.
>> > 
>> > I hope this is less annoying than trying to translate the term "zip"
>> > in other languages ;)
>> I'd like to have this reverted, both since:
>> 1) This was committed without advance approval for breaking the string
>> freeze.
>> 2) This is *not* the time for doing extensive terminology changes. That
>> time is before the string freeze.
>> Can we have this reverted as soon as possible?
> 	Please revert the change as requested by the GTP team.

Ehrm, I don't know what is happening behind the scenes here, but from
the ChangeLog in the po/ subdirectory it appears most people have
updated their translation now.

So it might actually be more work for people to revert the change?

Ole Laursen

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