Re: string freeze breakage in file-roller

mån 2004-03-08 klockan 17.20 skrev Ole Laursen:
> >> Can we have this reverted as soon as possible?
> >
> > 	Please revert the change as requested by the GTP team.
> Ehrm, I don't know what is happening behind the scenes here, but from
> the ChangeLog in the po/ subdirectory it appears most people have
> updated their translation now.
> So it might actually be more work for people to revert the change?

By that logic, all kinds of string changes would be ok, since sooner or
later at some point translators would have been forced to adopt to any
situation due to the status quo and the release getting nearer at the
same time. But it's not ok. We have freezes. Those are to be respected.

And since this issue (bug #135863) has been openly discussed since the
beginning, and a revert requested since the unauthorized commit
happened, it should come as no surprise to translators that there will
be a revert happening.

Is Paolo away, or why isn't he responding?


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