Re: Epiphany maintenance

tis 2004-03-09 klockan 23.26 skrev Marco Pesenti Gritti:
> Christian Persch accepted to co-maintain epiphany with me.
> He is spending a lot of time working on it and doing a kick ass work. He
> cares about GNOME desktop and platform.
> I'm sure he will be a great maintainer !

Yes, judging from past amount of contributions Christian Persch will be
a most excellent co-maintainer indeed IMO!

Please don't forget to add an appropriately updated MAINTAINERS file in
the epiphany cvs module. If you do that, knowing who has authority for
the module will be made very easy by just a quick look in the module.

And as a bonus, any lines that are of the pattern "Email: foo bar" in
the MAINTAINERS file will be used automatically for creating an
epiphany-maint gnome org alias for free. As an example, have a look at
gnome-applets/MAINTAINERS or gedit/MAINTAINERS.


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