Re: Enable voting on Bugzilla?

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 22:53 -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> It's been strongly opposed in the past, check list archives.

I just browsed through 500+ emails containing some combination of
bugzilla and voting, and couldn't find anything related. Could you quote
something that would help me find the thread, like a title, date, or
even just mailing list? Asking people to check archives shouldn't be the
same as telling them to manually sort through fours years back mail,
unless you're trying to brush them off.

> I continue to think it's a bad idea. "Me too" comments are always on the
> most idiot bugs that least need "me too" comments, and voting is surely
> the same basic thing as a "me too" comment.

I don't think voting is a me too statement, I think its a vote. 

Granted I haven't used KDE's system, but there is no fundamental reason
why voting has to get in the developer's way. It'd be just another
indexable field. Developers would be free to tackle popular bugs and win
the adoration of many, or free to ignore populist dead-ends and provide
bold leadership. 

Either way the actual decision process remains the same. If anything it
lets people feel a greater sense of participation in the community that
doesn't involve technicalities such as code.

> If someone wants to have input they should join the bugsquad and put the
> bug on a release critical list or other useful query...

Not everyone can join bugsquad, or add meaningful comments to a mailing
list (talk about shooting your signal-noise ratio to hell!). I don't see
it as a big deal.

> Or vote with patches or other meaningful assistance...

Like I said, the meaning of votes is just another index in bugzilla. One
can search for bugs of many categories, why not a popularity category?

> Havoc


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