Re: Proposal + RFC: Improving the Bugzilla layout

Hi Ryan,

I've got only minor comments.

Ryan McDougall <ryan mcdougall telusplanet net> writes:

> Would you like to register with the software quality system a:
[snip long list of options appearing page-by-page]

As someone who's accessing bugzilla through dial-up, the one thing I'd
hate most is to have to go through a bunch of pages (as everybody
probably knows, time to initiate HTTP connection on dial-up is
usually greater than time necessary to actually transfer data once
connection is up -- of course, depending on the amount of data).

Step-by-step reporting of "bugs" is what bug-buddy provides.  Perhaps
the entire idea is to improve that instead (though, it is very
similar to the outline you gave, except that it's faster because it's
client side).  Bug Buddy appears in a Gnome menu as "Bug Report
Tool".  Also, whenever a crash happens, Bug Buddy appears by itself.

On the terminology front, I don't see a one good reason to walk away
from "bug", even though it is not very clear (with even some ambiguity
for translators) -- we don't want to completely dismiss our "hacker
heritage", and to pretend to be a "commercial company" in every way.

Well, maybe "we" do, but I surely don't.  It's a funny term, short
term, and I'd rather keep it that way.  As for "Bugzilla", it can
also give funny translations, if one is up to it (and as you might
have guessed, I am :).


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