Re: Proposal + RFC: Improving the Bugzilla layout

I'm not sure which lists to reply to.  I'll include them all this time,
but can we have all future discussion of this specific topic on
usability gnome org?  I think that list would make the most sense of the
3.  In general, I really like your suggestions.  I have a couple

On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 14:59, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> GNOME Software Quality System is the name of the system used to track
> issues regarding the quality of GNOME software, and should be used in
> place of "bugzilla".
> An Item is an entry in the database corresponding to any of the above
> three cases, previously called a "bug".

Bugzilla has the ability to automatically convert text such as "bug
xxxxxx" in reports into a hyperlink to the appropriate bug.  There are a
couple other places where "bug xxxxx" comes up (an irc bot in #bugs, the
script name to view bugs is close "...show_bug.cgi?id=xxxxxx", and a few
others I'm probably forgetting).  In a few of those contexts, 'item'
seems a little awkward.  Perhaps 'issue'?

> system with a valid email address, and confidential password. To
We use http for bugzilla.  Therefore, passwords are sent in plaintext. 
I'm worried about pretending that things are more secure than they are.

> Would you like to register with the software quality system a:
> 1. Program Malfunction
> -To find out what a Program Malfunction is considered a valid
> malfunction, please click here.

That parses weirdly.  Did you mean "To find out is considered a Program
Malfunction..."?  Same for the others below...

> 2. Program Feature Request
> -To find out what a Program Feature Request is considered a valid
> feature request, please click here.
> 3. Formal Program Enquiry
> -To find out what a Program Feature Request is considered a valid
> enquiry, please click here.

> 2.4. Search Item Database Interaction
> To search the GNOME Software Quality System database for current or
> previous items, please click here.

I would really like to have a Google-like search interface here.  Just a
simple box where the user can type in a bunch of terms (e.g. the product
name and an error message) and bugzilla launches its search.  Also, note
the link to from .  Maybe info like
this could be put in an How-to-improve-your-search (while using the
simple interface) kind of page.

There could also be links to obtaining other kinds of searches, such as
the ones you suggest.

However, the current query method *must* remain as an option somewhere. 
It really, really sucks from a UI standpoint but, like emacs or vi, are
indispensable tools to those that have learned them.

No comments on the editing/showing bug page (i.e. show_bug.cgi)?

Note that we (where we=="Andrew Sobala", for the most part) are really
close to being able to upgrade GNOME's bugzilla.  Most of this stuff, of
course, would have to wait until some future upgrade.  However, if you
see any simple changes that would provide large benefits for the rapidly
approaching upgrade, we'd love to hear them.  You can take a look at .


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