Re: Enable voting on Bugzilla?

> The "universe" (ah set theory in a bugzilla discussion :)) of users 
> are those who have taken the time to register themselves with a valid 
> email on the bugzilla system, and thus generally represent the core of
> bug
> reporting users. You'd know this if you stopped by the KDE bugzilla, 
> or read the link in the original post.

His point was rather that this "universe" is not representative of the
gnome user base. You'd know this if you stopped to think about what
people say.

My take on it is rather like Havoc's
a) It gives the small set of people who complain about stuff the belief
   that they are in charge, and then the right to bitch when their 
   demands are not being met.
b) The majority do not always know what is correct or better
c) What does 1300 votes on something mean? 1300 people looked through
   a feature list and thought "Hmm, I'd like that one"
   "Oh, and I'd like that one too"
   "And that one..."
   "Ohhhhh, that sounds like a nice idea"
   It is a meaningless statistic.
d) It is unneeded. All major bugs can be noticed as such and     
   should be fixed whether 1300 people have come across it or 1 person
   has come across it.

So while it might look like something useful, it doesn't do anything,
and "it can't hurt" doesn't seem like a good reason for having it.


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