Re: Enable voting on Bugzilla?

On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 11:04, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Speaking of bugzilla, I just tried the free trial of FogBUGZ on
> - pretty nice. 
> Bugzilla with interaction design! Woohoo!


Looks more like interface design... 

It looks like a good reasonably designed product, but its doesn't look
like a real jump forward interacion-wise, just a cleaner version of the
same-old same-old. there's nothing wrong with that, but joel's "guru"
image might lead you to hope for more from his company's second major
product. Esp since this product is one that shapes a domain that he's
alleged to have great insight into, namely the software development

The only real interaction level improvements I can see (relative to
bugzilla) is that it makes it more natural to pass ownership with
questions (so bugs don't get dropped).... and it seems to be better
integrated with receiving bugs through e-mail (e.g. from customers).



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