Re: Proposal + RFC: Improving the Bugzilla layout

On 14/03/2004 7:12 AM, Elijah Newren wrote:

I would really like to have a Google-like search interface here.  Just a
simple box where the user can type in a bunch of terms (e.g. the product
name and an error message) and bugzilla launches its search.  Also, note
the link to from .  Maybe info like
this could be put in an How-to-improve-your-search (while using the
simple interface) kind of page.
The input field on the front page in new versions of bugzilla is pretty much equivalent to a google search box.

You can enter:

   * a bug number
   * some words, which get searched for in bug summaries
   * use product:... as a search term to limit the search to that
     product (you can do similar for other fields)

For many simple queries, it is more convenient than the main query.cgi page.


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