gcalctool - localizing expression parsing.

Hi all,

I have a question for you, especially folks that use gcalctool in
non-English locales. 

The next major release of gcalctool (scheduled for GNOME 2.7/8
timeframe), will have an expression parser in it. You will be
able to do expressions like:


The expression parser uses flex and bison (lex and awk for purists ;-).

Things like "log" and "tan" are the equivalent of what appears on
the buttons of the GUI calculator.

Now my questions concerns whether folks in non-English locales
would expect to be inputting "localized" expressions or would 
using "log" and "tan" be sufficient/correct? 

(From looking at some of the .po files for other (European) locales, 
 the "localized" versions of some of these strings appears to be the 
 same. Asian locales have very different strings.)

I have my own opinion, but I want to hear from others first.


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