Re: gcalctool - localizing expression parsing.

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 08:09:56AM -0800, Rich Burridge wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a question for you, especially folks that use gcalctool in
> non-English locales. 
> The next major release of gcalctool (scheduled for GNOME 2.7/8
> timeframe), will have an expression parser in it. You will be
> able to do expressions like:
> (log(2.678)+tan(0.678))/56=
> The expression parser uses flex and bison (lex and awk for purists ;-).
> Things like "log" and "tan" are the equivalent of what appears on
> the buttons of the GUI calculator.
> Now my questions concerns whether folks in non-English locales
> would expect to be inputting "localized" expressions or would 
> using "log" and "tan" be sufficient/correct? 

There are 3 things you'll need to consider

1) localizing numbers
    1.23  vs  1,23

2) localizing argument seperators
    pow(1,2)  vs  pow(1;2)    (to avoid problems from #1)

3) localizing function names
    The conclusion was that some locales translate the names, and
    some do not.

Feel free to grab me in #gnumeric to discuss details

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