Accessibility theme regressions

So, as a result of people changing the names of icons in .desktop files during 2.6 development (mostly in the Desktop Preferences menu), it seems we now have around a dozen icons on our main menu that don't theme properly any more when you switch to a High or Low contrast theme. (There are also reports of similar theming regressions in applets, but I haven't had a chance to verify those.)

If people change the name of the icon in their .desktop file, or develop an application that uses a new icon, a heads-up to the gnome-themes maintainers via bugzilla or email really would be much appreciated[1], so we can keep all the themes in sync.

If we have time to make them, would patches for these regressions be accepted before 2.6.0, or is the code freeze too cold now...?


[1] And a patch even moreso :)

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