Re: Enable voting on Bugzilla? Redux -- MeToo Counter!

> This way people know that the only purpose for their "MeToo" is so
> developers can gauge the affect that bugs have on the population of bug
> reporters, and in no way constitutes as binding result. Basically
> another statistical field to add to the heap. That way a user is more
> likely to look for duplicates (so he can vote^H^H^H^HMeToo), than to
> file a duplicate bug in hopes of being heard when the bug is marked as a
> duplicate.

We could just encourage people to add themselves to the cc: list of bugs
they're affected by (and make bugzilla not send out mail when only the
cc: list changes). This would also help out when the bug owner has
questions ("does it still crash if you do ___?") or patches they need
tested, since everyone who could answer/test would be right there.

This would also discourage "ballot stuffing", since you'd have to
actually receive all of the mail related to the bug.

Or as a slightly different way of doing basically the same thing, we
could add a "This bug affects me, please keep me informed about its
status" checkbox that had basically the same effect, except that people
wouldn't be able to tell how many other people had checked it. (Except
the bug owner and the bug squad).

-- Dan

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