Re: Gnome 2.6 Party

<quote who="Fernando Herrera">

> How can we do a big international party? Easy: lot of local parties around
> the world celebrating GNOME 2.6, lot of beer, lot of...  This is the best
> chance to wear your favourite GNOME t-shirt, to put your pants off...
> whatever...

You might want to change the date on there from the 22nd to the 24th. :-) I
know this isn't entirely clear on the release schedule (it will be better
for 2.8), but the 22nd means "week of 22nd" and the tarballs due date, while
we conventionally release on the Wednesday of that week.

GNOME 2.6 on the 24th. :-)

- Jeff

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   "They are, as I told Telsa, all very small cheques. Indeed our cheques
   only come in one size, otherwise cheque books would be far too hard to
                          manufacture." - Alan Cox

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