Gnome 2.6 Party

	Hi to all. GNOME 2.6 is comming next week. We all have worked a
lot on it, and it is going to rock. We have to celebrate this, and we
have to rock! 

	So let do a big international GNOME 2.6 party!!!

	How can we do a big international party? Easy: lot of local
parties around the world celebrating GNOME 2.6, lot of beer, lot of...
This is the best chance to wear your favourite GNOME t-shirt, to put
your pants off... whatever...
	I put a web based party locator at:

	submit your party, add yourself to an existing party, and go!


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

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