GtkFilesystemGnomeVFS and authentication

Hi, Alex,

These are some disconnected thoughts on GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS and

* The file system backend does nothing with respect to authentication
right now.  Should we blindly call gnome_authentication_manager_init()
when the module is loaded, or something like that?

* If we do that, it looks like g_a_m_init() will overwrite whatever
callbacks were in place at the time it is called.  I have no idea of how
gnome-keyring works.  Are all programs supposed to just use that, or is
there a reason why they would want to override it and use auth callbacks
of their own?

* Related to the previous point, and this is why Michael is on the CC
line, what about things like OpenOffice?  Although if the latter does
use GtkFileChooser plus gnome-vfs at some point, then I guess there
would be no reason for it to use its own auth callbacks; it may as well
use the ones in gnome-authentication-manager.

* Shouldn't gnome_authentication_manager_init() have some guards about
being called more than once?


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