Re: GtkFilesystemGnomeVFS and authentication

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 21:37, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Hi, Alex,
> These are some disconnected thoughts on GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS and
> authentication.
> * The file system backend does nothing with respect to authentication
> right now.  Should we blindly call gnome_authentication_manager_init()
> when the module is loaded, or something like that?
> * If we do that, it looks like g_a_m_init() will overwrite whatever
> callbacks were in place at the time it is called.  I have no idea of how
> gnome-keyring works.  Are all programs supposed to just use that, or is
> there a reason why they would want to override it and use auth callbacks
> of their own?

Well, the app might be e.g. a console app, where the libgnomeui auth
callbacks don't work. Of course, in that case this won't conflict with
GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS. Another issue is that you might need to do
something special when auth callbacks happen, i know there are currently
some problems if the auth callback happens while there is a modal dialog
up that perhaps can be worked around by hacking with the auth callbacks
(the auth dialog won't be a child of the modal dialog, so it won't
focus). This issue may be fixable, but there may be others as yet

I'm not sure what is right here.

> * Related to the previous point, and this is why Michael is on the CC
> line, what about things like OpenOffice?  Although if the latter does
> use GtkFileChooser plus gnome-vfs at some point, then I guess there
> would be no reason for it to use its own auth callbacks; it may as well
> use the ones in gnome-authentication-manager.

If it works, yeah. They use Gtk+ and all that, so you better have a glib
mainloop running etc.

> * Shouldn't gnome_authentication_manager_init() have some guards about
> being called more than once?


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