Re: theme file types

>  For recognizing the file type, we should just have a new extension on
> mime type.  Something like application/x-meta-theme and the extension
> .theme.  The former will allow our theoretical attribute-based file
> system to work, and the later will work on real-life machines today. 
> ;-)

Based on the new nautilus plugins wouldnt it just be possible to have a
plugin check if the .tar.(gz|bz2|bzip) file had an aprropriate file?
1. if contains a gtk-2.0/gtkrc file it is a gtk theme
2. if it contains a metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml it is a metacity
3. if it contains an index.theme file and the file has an [Icon Theme]
section in it it is an icon theme

Then if it is a theme, it can add, using the extensions, an entry to
nautilus's right click menu to install the theme.

Does this seem like a correct approach to do this?

Daniel Brodie

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