Re: theme file types

(sorry for double reply - i forgot to comment on something else)

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 16:33, Daniel Brodie wrote:
> Then if it is a theme, it can add, using the extensions, an entry to
> nautilus's right click menu to install the theme.

That doesn't sound like good UI.  If it's a theme, 99% of the time the
user wants to install it, not dig around in the files it contains. 
Thus, the main action for opening the file should be the theme install. 
The much less used option for opening the file in File Roller should be
the one in the right click menu, which should be automatic with our MIME
system (theme files are also .tar.gz files, so File Roller should show
up in the Open With... menu).

> Does this seem like a correct approach to do this?
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