gnome-netstatus branched

	So I've created a gnome-2-6 branch of gnome-netstatus.

	Plans for 2.8 are roughly:

  + Improve wireless support. I added support for showing the signal 
    strength yesterday but Calum has a nice UI spec which has some ideas
    around selecting networks, entering WEP keys and so on. Hopefull 
    we'll be able to do some of that stuff.

  + Improve the behaviour for people who regularily switch between 
    network devices - e.g. people who use a modem at home and then eth0 
    at work or a wireless eth1 at home and wired eth0 at work. Right now
    you have have to manually select the device in the dialog but it 
    should be easy to just intelligently pick an active device.


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