Re: gnome-netstatus branched

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
	So I've created a gnome-2-6 branch of gnome-netstatus.

	Plans for 2.8 are roughly:

+ Improve wireless support. I added support for showing the signal strength yesterday but Calum has a nice UI spec which has some ideas around selecting networks, entering WEP keys and so on. Hopefull we'll be able to do some of that stuff.

The spec's here btw, and basically involves extending the applet (which Mark has already started doing) and adding a new capplet:

(I know the glade file links are broken, temporary cock-up on my part...)

Comments welcome on the lists or in as appropriate. Obviously there's some overlap here with the cool work James has been doing on the wireless applet (, but we felt extending the gnome-network applet would suit JDS users better... I guess now we just have to persuade everyone else that it would suit all GNOME users better so we don't have to maintain a bunch of patches ourselves :)


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