Re: gconf and lockdown

On 18/03/2004 5:51 PM, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:

But In this approach, i dont think it is possible to mandate different
settings of a key to various users. These mandatory setting have to be
common for all users. Please correct me if im wrong.
With the default stack of backends, that is true. The default stack is suitable for small scale deployments, and is enough to demonstrate/test an application's ability to be locked down.

To implement more sophisticated lockdown, you would probably need a more sophisticated backend in the stack. For example, one that pulls a set of defaults or mandatory settings from an LDAP directory based on the user's login and group membership might be appropriate for larger deployments. If such a gconf backend existed, you would only need to modify /etc/gconf/2/path to enable it.


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