Re: GNOME 2.6 Desktop & Developer Platform Release Candidate 1 (2.5.92)

<quote who="Metin Amiroff">

> It's not a big problem but it seems that names that are used in Release
> Notes are directly taken from CVS logs, thus they must be UTF-8 encoded.
> Actually the document is correctly encoded but names are _not_.  Just look
> at the last sentence of Release Notes :) 

I think there's a couple of problems here. One is that my email client [1]
is probably not set up for UTF-8 love. The other is that the diff and sed on
widget ( seem to have UTF-8 problems too. Eeek! :-)

Mariano is my personal UTF-8 trainer, so I'll get him to help me make sure
this isn't b0rken in the future. I don't want to break everyone's names!


- Jeff

[1] "gmutt", which is mutt in a screen in gnome-terminal. ;-)

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