RE: Privacy

> I suppose that fast user switching might be OK, I've never tried that,
> Defacto, one is most comfortable with what one knows already, and 
> what I know (and I suspect must 'multi-users') know is that its 
> very easy to just never log out, and if wife wants to go web surfing
> or kid wants music, its already there and ready to go.  

After having using it on Panther for many months now, I can say that it's worth every penny I paid for it.
(Well, that and Exposť).

All bookmarks, favorites, settings, etc are preserved per person.

You can even be set to different resolutions and it will switch that instead of the cube rotate.

After having it for a while, it's so much easier than other sharing.

> I'm concerned that even 'trivially easy super-fast user switching'
> might already be too complicated.  Unless its as easy to use as 
> the pager (aka 'workspace switcher').  I've trained them on the pager.

Just drag down the person's name from the list at the top-right of the screen, then type in their password when it asks.

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